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  Murder Mystery Weekends
Murder Mystery Weekends

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Covering Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. Murder Mystery Parties are ideal for large groups self catering. If you are a large group looking to rent a property then see our home page.


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Superb murder mystery entertainment service for large groups self catering:

We do not have any for this service.

Murder to Measure create unique events to suit all ages, mixing fun with sleuthing

Enjoy an evening or weekend with experienced performers, or play the suspects yourselves! Murder to Measure provides the most flexible Murder Mystery package in the UK right at your holiday cottages. Whatever your event or party requires, Murder to Measure have murder mystery packages tailored to suit your needs. They can create murder mysteries for any event throughout the UK, and the services are customised to your groups taste so that they can offer packages to suit any occasion, venue or budget. Above all, the mystery events are designed to be fun for all: from teens to hardened detectives.

Any theme your group could imagine

Murder mystery plots, from Mexico to Outer Space, via the 1960s and Agatha Christie, they've been there, done that and still have the stains on the T-shirts. They create murder mystery plots to suit any interests or occasion, and are skilled at bringing your ideas to life - followed by a swift death. This service is ideal for large groups self catering and they have provided these services to many groups who have rented large holiday cottages.

Perfect for budding performers or armchair sleuths

Not everyone wants to throw themselves into the action, and they never set out to embarrass the guests. Those who want to be involved are encouraged, and they can write any of your dinner guests into the action if needed. The formats page sets out various ways that your murder mystery may proceed, but they specialise in delivering an event that suits your groups requirement.

All of the events are designed to be fun, but if your group watch and listen closely then the clues are in front of your nose. The solution may be obscured by red herrings, but you’ll kick yourself for not seeing the obvious. Budding Miss Marples will always have enough to keep those little grey cells ticking and if your group want to get a head-start, see the page on how to solve a mystery. If your group want a real challenge they can create a scenario with suspects to question, forensic examinations and all manner of devious plots - these are for real mystery buffs!

Largely based in Somerset in the South West of England, UK, and drawing on experience in improvised theatre, they provide everything your group need to commit the perfect crime, in the safety of your living room or in a large public venue. They will consider events anywhere in the UK or beyond.

What else would your group like to know?

Murder mystery evenings are different from any other type of entertainment, and if you’ve never attended before it can be daunting. This site should answer the most common queries on the Frequently Asked Questions page, but if you’ve any other questions, please contact via telephone or use the enquiry form.

Murder to Measure murder mysteries are suitable for adults or teenagers, or can be prepared for younger children. They often perform in schools and can incorporate treasure hunts, scavenger hunts or any team-building exercises into the scenario to make it suitable for any occasion.

You can take as much or as little as your group need from the list of party services, so they will have a solution to suit your budget.

How a Typical Murder Mystery Party Works

Prior to the event
Murder to Measure contacts the event organiser, and they agree on aspects of the scenario, including:
Date, time, duration and venue. A suitable theme and format for the event. Whether the organising group wishes to provide performers.

Final price.
If the organiser is offering performers. Wherever possible, they like to meet with the performers to get a feel for their character and interests, so that the scenario can be tailored to their abilities. Where this is not practical, the organiser will provide an indication on the performers' natural character, and the scenario will be based on those discussions. Before the event these volunteers are assigned characters, and given some suggestions as to what they might wear, how they will act, how they interact with other characters etc. Murder to Measure remains on hand to discuss any concerns they might have before the event. Note that unless requested differently, volunteer performers do not know who the victim(s) will be, or who the murderer is, so they can join in with the detection work.

On the day of the event
The MC arrives at the venue before the guests and sets up the scenario. Performers arrive, and are re-briefed on their characters etc. Guests arrive and mingle, perhaps over aperitifs. Performers arrive in ones and twos, and introduce themselves to the other guests

The meal commences. During the meal, and between courses, various events occur. If they’re providing the performers, then they will circulate amongst the guests, and guests will have more of an opportunity to interact with and question the suspects. They like to encourage everyone to take part, so this is your chance to really get involved. The more your group ask, the more you’re likely to find out, and the more likely you’re to determine the motives, so guests are encouraged to probe.

At some point during the meal, a murder will occur, and the detective (often the MC) will step into action, and finger a few of the suspects As coffee is served, the detective will question the suspects. This serves to reinforce any information that guests didn't glean over dinner, but also allows guests to pose questions to narrow down the suspects.

Guests are invited to deduce the murderer(s) and motive. The guilty party is revealed. Prizes are awarded to the best answer (and usually to the daftest answer.) They all take a bow, and the scenario ends

Everyone is amazed and very talkative. Performers remain on hand and chat with the guests. Of course, as your event is tailor-made, your running order may differ from this, so this is provided for guidance only. If you’ve any special requests they will always try to accommodate them.

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Ideal for large groups self catering:

Picking a Murder Mystery Theme

As they usually create the devilish murder mystery scenarios from scratch to suit the hosting group, your event isn't tied to a fixed set of pre-written plots. With this freedom comes another problem - selecting an appropriate theme for your dinner party or weekend. Whilst they’re happy to suggest ideas that will suit your circumstances, your group may like to use the information on this page to help your group come up with your own ideas.

The theme your group select will usually consist of one or more of the following:

• The place - e.g. India, Italy, rural England, outer space,

• The time - e.g. modern day, World War II, Victorian Era, the future,

• The people - i.e. what links the suspects, eg. family members, company employees, Doctor Who fans, bird-watchers,

• The specific location - e.g. a castle, an hotel, a school, a zoo,

• The event - i.e. why the suspects are gathered together eg. a wedding reception, a business or group meeting, the reading of the will

A typical example could be the United States during Prohibition - a group of gangsters gather together in a speakeasy to discuss criminal tactics. Or, more simply your group could chose to host an event set in contemporary India and leave the specifics to them. If your group want to select your own theme then consider the following to help your group decide.

Location, location, location

If your group know where you’re planning to hold your event then this can immediately suggest a theme. For example if you’re dining in a Regency house then why not select a scenario with a 19th century theme à la Pride and Prejudice? Or if you’re booking a football stadium then a football theme is an obvious choice.

Guest Interests

Often the invited guests will be drawn together by a common interest. If you’re arranging an event for a club or society then a storyline which matches the aims of the organisation is an obvious starting point. For example they have arranged events for French twinning association and a carnival society where the themes were an Anglo/French meeting and a carnival dinner respectively.

If you’re a planning a party for people who work together then this too can point your group in the right direction. They can even incorporate company in-jokes and buzz words into the scenario and maybe name the suspects after your competitors!

Dish of the Day

Events are often structured around a meal and your group or your caterers may have a particular strength or fondness for a particular style of cooking. This can immediately suggest a place for your party event - popular styles include Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish and Italian.

Dress to Impress

Guests often like to dress up to fit in with the theme and they positively encourage this to make the whole event seamless. If your party guests are not the sort of people who have a stack of dressing up clothes in a chest in the attic then it may be sensible to select a contemporary theme or something that doesn't require elaborate costumes. Most people can lay their hands on a lounge suit or posh frock and it doesn't take too much effort to dress as a vicar, a hippy, a punk, a builder etc. Charity shops often do well when they're in town!

If you’re hosting for the more theatrical set then the world is your lobster. Let your imagination run riot and raid the local costume shops and theatrical society store cupboards. They are always on hand to help your group source appropriate costumes.

Past Masters

If you’re still struggling for ideas then just look about your group for books, films, TV programmes or plays that you’ve enjoyed. Whether or not they are murder mysteries, the themes can still be adapted for your own purposes. How do any of the following grab your group as a starting point for your ideas? Harry Potter, The X-Factor, Fawlty Towers, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Big Brother, The Great Escape, Lord of the Rings etc.

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