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Add your properties
Add your properties
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Advertising your Large Holiday Properties is easy and gets great results. You can reach thousands of groups looking for large holiday properties like yours. If you're looking for serious enquiries that turn into bookings. High listings on search engines High traffic volumes Targeted Traffic from large holiday property seekers Search Engine Optimisation

Annual Listing Fee
250.00 / 285.00



• Listing live in 24 hours!
• Highly targeted traffic
• No agency fee or commission
• Guests deal direct with you
• Link: To your own web site
• Anti-spam email enquiries to you
• Full Webpage: Professional page
• Unlimited photos and description
• Unlimited customised pages
• 3 Extra tabbed pages free
• Statistics: Traffic statistics

How quick can I get listed?

Your web page listing could be up by the end of today! We've made it as simple as possible.

Step 1. Simply click Add to Basket

Step 2. Add any other Extra's you like
eg a listing in the Special Offers section.

Step 3. Click Checkout and pay
Pay online with any credit / debit card, PayPal or post a cheque

Step 4. We'll email you a simple form to gather your info
(Unless you choose the option where we do all the hard work and copy the details from your existing website or another directory that you may be on) Otherwise you will get a form where you simply copy and paste text onto this form. Eg brief text, main text, local attractions text, pictures.

Step 5. We make up the pages and your listing is complete!
You can then check all the details are correct before we upload your listing to our website.

Sit back and relax: Receive masses of new traffic, booking enquiries by email, phone or fax.

What do I get for the annual fee?

• Highly targeted traffic
Our site has been search engine optimised to attract groups seeking self catering, large holiday properties.

• Email: Anti-spam email facility
Customers can click a link and email you direct. However spam artists are unable to harvest our site to get your email address and send you junk.

• Quick Browse Listing
Your properties will be automatically listed in our Quick Browse sections. Eg a visitor can click the link sleeps 20 to 49 and your property will show up with others. Unlike most directories which just lists a few lines, your brief property details will be contained in a box and with a picture (which we automatically size).

You get a Full Webpage

You don’t just get a small listing mixed up with others. We give you a full web page exclusively for each property. This significantly increases the chance of your properties being found on the internet and further more gives your holiday properties superb exposure. Visitors don’t like clicking away from websites, therefore once you have an interested visitor reading about your property, you want to give them the maximum possible reasons to hold them there before clicking away to look at another cottage.

Your full size web page contains:

• Brief Description:
Studies prove that most visitors will not attempt to read large paragraphs of text whilst browsing. Therefore at the top right of the page is an area for a quick short run down the properties, just enough to entice them to read the main description. With up to 200 words of descriptive text this is just enough to give the visitor an 'at a glance' run down of your holiday cottage. Eg The number its sleeps, the area, the number of rooms, the main features and facilities and nearby attractions.

• Guide Price:
Based on per person per night. This really helps holiday makers budget and compare properties. This is an excellent way of pricing self catering houses. Eg £10 per person per night sounds a much better deal than £700 for the weekend. This should be calculated as follows. Find the lowest price to rent the property for a week. Eg £700 then divide this by the number of days (700 / 7 = £100 per night) then divide by the number of guests. Eg if it sleeps 10 people then it is £100 divided by 10 = £10 per person per night.

• Guide Price in Euros
We automatically convert this to Euros as well as pounds to attract foreign visitors. Since the recent collapse of the pounds strength, Europeans have found Britain to be almost a third cheaper than what it was in 2007. The Euro price will alter frequently according to the current exchange rate. You need not worry about this, as we continually alter the Euro prices.

• Testimonials
These are testimonials from clients eg “superb holiday property”. You can either send these to us or we can automatically add these if we get feedback from visitors. These testimonials are restricted to fifty words. However this can be extended to 2,000 words if you pay for an additional tab on your web page. See the Extra’s section. Testimonials are very important. Studies have proved that a buyer is three times more likely to believe the view of a third party than they would of a statement from the seller. This rings true if you consider the following, are you more likely to go for a meal at a new restaurant based on an advert by the restaurant or a great reviews from a previous diners?

• Three Free Tabbed Pages
These are the pages with tabs saying Features | Offers | Local Attractions
You can have an amazing 1500 words in each page tab.
This is currently a limited offer and only available on a first come basis. This is in order to increase our key word body text on our site to get our rankings higher on Google. Don’t worry, once we give you this, we will not take it away or charge you in future. We just want to get the website proliferated with more wording and to do this we are offering an initial group of properties free space to increase our high keyword ratios.

The tabs are organised as follows:

1. Features: Eg facilities, appliances, entertainment such as TV, dishwasher, washing machine, games room.

2. Offers: Any special offers you may have. Some owners put a blank offer of 50% off for late availability.

3. Local Attractions: List all the towns and attractions near your properties. This greatly increases the chance of your holiday cottage coming up when someone searches for example “Large Cottage near Longleat Safari.”

The Costs/Availability tab is the standard tab available when we remove this offer. It is the place where you explain your self-catering fee structure. E.g. Weekend rates, week rates, seasonal charges.

• *Unlimited Tabbed Pages
We can add more pages if you like for an extra fee. Eg some large property owners have had tabs for Room Layout, Banqueting Fees, and Wedding Services etc.

• Quick Browse Photo
This photo should be 175 by 175 maximum. It is the little icon photo used to help visitors who browse a list of properties on one page. Usually done when the visitor asks for a list of properties in Somerset for example.

• Large Main Photograph
This is for your main page. We give you a very large 350 x 350 image which will show your holiday properties beautifully. Because of its unusually large size, we suggest that holiday house owners make a montage of six images (175 x 116) for this photo giving an overview of the property. This is largely because the visitors has probably already seen the main picture of your holiday house in the Quick Browse section and clicked it. Why repeat the same picture? Now is the time to grab their attention with a quick fire blast of attractive images. Studies have proved that a visitor is eight times more likely to base their decision to stay on the page or click away based on photographs than before reading the text.

• *Unlimited Extra Photo’s
Extra photos are placed on a tabbed page. We do this as it allows the webpage to load faster on the visitor’s computer. There is nothing worse than clicking on something and waiting ages. Studies have shown that 70% of ‘browsing’ visitors click away from a page if it takes longer than 30 seconds to load. It is also a recipe to lose visitors. We can create a tab on your page called More Photo’s. Here you can have as many photographs or images as you want for a nominal fee. For further details see the Advertising Extra’s Product.

• Statistics: Traffic statistics
We have a very intelligent backend system which monitors all our visitors. We are happy to share this data with you. It is essential for the improvement of our rankings in search engines and the secret to our success.

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We spend most of our revenue on SEO which is the science of getting your cottage pages to the top of the list on search engines. The old cliché your success is our success really does apply here because if more people see your page then more people see our site as a viable place for advertising. This is why every listing is important. Your properties description may contain that key phrase (eg rent large country house) that a visitor is searching and thus increases the chances of a hit on our site.

• Email a friend
This great feature allows the visitor to simply type an email address in the box on your page and click send. The details of your holiday cottage are then forwarded to whatever email address they specify. Many experienced users email themselves, which then goes into their to do list.

• Chat line support
You may have noticed the Live Chat icon on every page. This is for visitors who need help browsing our website. They simply type a question in the box and they will be connect live to an operator here who will type an answer back live onscreen. This service has proved invaluable for visitors who do not want to go to the lengths of making a phone call or waiting around for a reply to an email. We do not have any studies to prove this but we do feel that we have a greater chance of retaining a visitor by answering their question immediately. The Live Support is available during normal office hours, however sometimes it is available in the evenings if we have staff working late, they will answer the Live Chat for quick enquiries. We are currently looking at an exchange programme where our Live Chat will be monitored by a USA company who are on a different time zone. E.g. Our close of business is their start of business. We will monitor theirs and vica-versa.

What do other property owners have to say?

We're very pleased to write about your selfcatering directory. We get about double the enquiries than before... I like that it targets big groups searching for large holiday properties. Basically we don't get lost in the huge array of family size holiday cottages.
Pete Jones in Somerset

We are over the moon with your holiday cottage directory. It was so easy to list our property and the pricing structure was very fair. Since we have been advertising on your website we have gone from 40% to almost 70% full which is great thank you.
Tom Rice in Wiltshire

Here's my testimonial for what it's worth! Your guys simply copied the stuff from our old site, I did appreciate the free corrections. I was to be honest quite happy with our old website but it was useless in terms of anyone finding us on google which is the name of the game. We are being found now and are getting around 25 enquiries a week from your website alone. Thank you.
Jane Gower-Black in London

You've trebled my business and I've retired on a huge yacht in the south of France. I wish! Back in the real world, I am very pleased. I would say that I get double the enquiries than before, certainly the statistics show that 90% of the enquiries come from your site. As such, I took my old website down and also I did not renew a lot of the listings on other directories (which I once thought were bringing in the business) The money I saved, as you know I ploughed into improving my web page on your site. In a nutshell, my wife and I are very happy that during a recession we have actually got more business than last year. I always thought it was something wrong with our property or location, but at the end of the day it was the fact that no one could see us.
Jack Purnell in Scotland

Why list your large holiday properties in this directory?

We've designed our web site directory to do one thing, and that is to get superb results for you. That means targeted enquiries that you can turn into bookings and repeat business. We have an enviable track record when it comes to producing bookings. Is it about time that you got your fair share? We don't charge commission, we simply redirect the enquiries direct to you.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

"We have our own fabulous web site, but hardly any visitors"
"I listed our properties on loads of directories"
"We spent a small fortune advertising in magazines and newspapers"
"We used agencies who charged commission on bookings"

What you need is a specialist directory. A web site can only focus on so many keywords, any more than five and the search engines ignore. How many directories that you are listed in focus on words like; large, groups and big. How many just focus on cottages instead of homes, accommodation, houses. How many have a whole page on misspellings? See our main Testimonials page, it is littered with misspelt words and attracts a huge amount of visitors (who can't spell but know what they are looking for) Eg accomodation, accomadation, accommodation, selfcatering (self catering).

I already have a website so why do I need a listing?

What's the point of having a beautiful website for your properties if nobody is seeing it? This was the main contention with many of our holiday property owners. They had great sites but they were poorly listed on search engines the largest being Google. To get your properties seen on search engines like Google you need high rankings, you need to be seen (at least) in the top 25 on this list when a visitor types in a keyword (eg Large Holiday Properties in Somerset).
The other benefit is that a link from our site to your site increases your Link Popularity which search engines like Google favour. This gives you higher listings in the search engines.

Why does our directory get results?

We don't mess around with animated logos which slow the site down. We don't have fancy graphics which can't be read by search engines. Most websites are built in 'frames' which are easy to build, control and look nice. The problem is much of the information is not listed by search engines. Our site is made in CSS without frames, and is fully W3C compliant. We have spent a small fortune on SEO (search engine optimisation). This is a continual process which gets our pages high up on the search engines (like Google and Yahoo). Search engines like Google use secret mathematical formulas to determine the rank of a web page. These formulas are called ranking algorithms and determine your placement each time someone does a search. The trick is to try and understand these and then optimise your site to take advantage.

Have you noticed that certain text on our site is ‘inappropriately’ typeset in bold? Eg Large, holiday, properties, directory etc. Noticed the excessive repetition of phrases like holiday cottages? These are all part of the strategy. Have a look at properties in the 8-13 section and you’ll see excessive use of the words “large holiday house” then the 50+ section which focuses on ‘large holiday accommodation.’ Even our Contact us page with ‘cottages large groups.’ Every page has been optimised for a different search phrase. Furthermore when you land on each page there is a prominent ‘question’ with a link trying to draw the visitor to look at our range of properties.

• High listings on search engines
• High traffic volumes
• Targeted Traffic from large holiday property seekers

How do you get high up on Google?

You employ the services of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy. SEO is the art of getting your web page high in the rankings on Google. Let's say you have a large cottage in Wiltshire. If someone searches for "large holiday house in Wiltshire" then your page must appear in the top 25 on the search engine in order to get a chance of a visitor clicking it. In practice it is likely that another page on our site comes up on the Google listing. For example if we have eight properties in Wiltshire on our site. The chances are that one of those properties will come up from the search. Even if it is not your particular page that comes up, the visitor is likely to browse all the properties on the site that meet their requirement.
Therefore your web page success is our success as we want more visitors to list their large holiday properties on our directory.
Eg if they searched for large holiday houses in Somerset, it doesn't matter which properties come up. Why? The visitor is on our site and likely to look at all houses in Somerset that are listed on our site. This is why each and every listing is important as they help each other. This is why we are not stingy with space and why we give you a full page listing. Your property description may contain that key phrase (eg holiday house near Longleat) that the visitor used when searching and thus increases the chances of a hit on our site.

SEO is a lot more complicated than just putting more words on your site. It's about key word ratios, weight, putting H1-H1 tags with those keywords, alt tags, placement of keywords, bold and size of keywords, if keywords are in; links, page titles etc., and then comparing the balance and ratio of these with successful sites.

Our website is also fast loading. Studies have shown that 70% of 'browsing' visitors click away from a page if it takes longer than 30 seconds to load.

How can I get more visitors to my website?

You need to get higher rankings on the main search engines like Google and Yahoo. In order to get high rankings on search engines you need to have a website built primarily to get high rankings. In addition you then need to spend a considerable amount of money on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to maintain these high rankings. This is usually not cost effective for individual property owners.
The best way forward is to get your properties listed in directories like ours which are able to generate the amount of income required to get these high rankings. We are basically spreading the costs across many holiday home owners.

Why don't main stream holiday property sites work?

• Not specifically targeted to larger properties.
• Your property is diluted and lost in the list of smaller properties.
• Restrictions on wording, limiting chances of being found.

Why don't Free Listing sites work?

Free listing sites rarely receive enough traffic, if they do then it is seldom targeted traffic eg general holidays, travel and vacations as opposed to people looking for large holiday properties to rent in Britain. In order to get traffic you need to be high on the list of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Most Free listing sites rely on revenue from ancillary advertising (banners or links on their site). They are not interested in content (eg your information) they just want any content so that adverts and pay per click links can be displayed. Think of how many sites you have placed your properties on and how many enquiries you have got from these. The revenue created from adverts and pay per click links is not enough for these directories to concentrate on targeted SEO (search engine optimisation). Eg they want volume traffic (basically anyone). They will not be seeking specific narrow targeted traffic which is what you need.

Does our directory give value for money?

Absolutely! You don't just get a couple of lines and a thumbnail picture like many other directories. We create a full page about your holiday cottage from information and photos you supply - a detailed presentation designed to show your site off to full effect.

Click the What do I get tab on the right.

• Full Page listing: • Unlimited Wording • Unlimited Pictures

• Unlimited Images: Pictures tell a thousand words, you are not limited to a certain number of pictures. You will note that we add alt tags to your images, these help our site get higher ranking on search engines like Google.
• Unlimited Pages: In the form of tabs, initially we have tabbed page for Features, Offers, Local Attractions and Cost / Availability. However you can have more eg Guest Book, Room Plans, Local Events, What's New, in fact anything you want.

However it's not about quantity, it's about effectiveness. We get results.

What makes us different?

1. Target - we specialise only in large self catering accommodation for larger groups.

2. Unlimited words for your description and information. The more words there is then the more chance your property will be found. For example your description may say ideally situated close to Stonehenge. Therefore visitors who will search Google looking for a large house near Stonehenge are likely to put something like "large holiday properties near Stonehenge." If your property has those words it is highly likely to appear. However there are so many ways the visitor can ask the search engine eg. accommodation large groups Stonehenge | cottages large stonehenge| holiday cottages large groups stonehenge| large holiday homes stonehenge| large group self catering stonehenge| large holiday accommodation stonehenge| self catering large groups stonehenge.

Therefore your chances are greatly increased amount of wording which we then SEO for you.

The success of our site is allowing property owners to add lots of text on their web page. Yes it costs us more in web space and higher server fees, however these costs are outweighed by the fact that our (or should we say your) web pages get higher hits.

Why act fast?

We are still growing our site, therefore the price we are currently charging is subsidised in an effort to speed up the growth. At some point we will be satisfied the quantity of our properties and subsequently we shall alter the price of advertising to a more realistic level. Get listed now.

Can I change my information?

Yes, at any time. Initially we offer you up to four free changes a year, that's a change every three months! Most property owners find this sufficient, however if you do wish to change your site more regularly than this then we charge a very fair fee of £30 per hour. (Please note, most people's changes are accommodated within an hour and we have yet to invoice a client for over £30). Also note that in the Extra's you can pay a onetime fee and elect to have 8, 12 or 24 changes per year.

Listing your large holiday properties on www.large-self-catering-accommodation.co.uk is probably the best decision you'll make this year.

Let's hope these quotes will soon sound familiar

"Wish I'd done this a long time ago"
"Should never have messed around with all those cottage directories"
"Could have saved a fortune of advertising"
"Best decision we made"
"Had more bookings during the recession than we did before"

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