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Advertise your services here
Advertise your services here
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Annual Fee
110.00 / 125.40



List your services for large holiday properties

• Your advert is online within 24 hours.
• Very targeted traffic.
• No commission or agency fees.
• Guests deal directly with you.
• Web link to your web site.
• Anti-spam email enquiries to you.
• Full Webpage: Professional page.
• No limit on photos and description.
• Unlimited customisable pages.
• Three extra tab pages free.
• Traffic statistics.

How quickly can I get listed?

How easy is it to list your services for large holiday properties?

Your web page advert could be live by the end of the day! We have made it as easy as possible.

1. Click the Add to Basket button.

2. Add any Extra's that you would like E.g. an advert in the Special Offers section of the website.

3. Click on checkout and pay (PayPal, debit or credit card or post us a cheque).

4. We will email you a very simple form to get your information.
(Unless you choose to let us do all of the hard work and get the info and photos from your own website or a different directory that you advertise on) If not you will receive a simple form where you can easily copy and paste your text into the fields on the form. E.g. brief text, main text, local attractions text, pictures.

5. We then create your pages and your services listing is complete
You then make sure all your information is correct before we make your advert live on our website. Then just sit back and relax while you receive lots of new traffic, enquiries by phone, email or fax.

Testimonials from service providers to large holiday properties in England, Ireland, Jersey, Wales and Scotland

These are currently being uploaded - please check back...

Why list your services for large holiday properties here?

What you receive for the annual fee?

• Targeted traffic: This directory is search engine optimised to make sure any large groups seeking large self catering, holiday accommodation will find us and your services.

• Email: Anti-spam links: Customers click a link and emails you, the owner direct. Spam merchants are not able to crib addresses from our site and fill your inbox with junk.

• Quick Browse Listing: Your services for holiday properties will be listed as standard in our Quick Browse facility.

• You get a whole webpage. You do not just get a small text advert mixed up in a list with others. We give you a complete web page exclusively for each and every service.

Your full size complete web page advert listing contains:

• Brief Power Description: The ideal quick attention grabber with up to two hundred words of text. This is the optimum amount to give every visitor enough information about your services for large holiday properties.

• Testimonials: Write ups from clients can either be emailed to us or we can have them automatically added to your advert if we get feedback from your guests or visitors to our site.

• Three huge tab pages - Free: These are the extra pages on your advert with tabs entitled Features | Offers | Local Attractions. You can have up to an amazing 1,500 words on each tab page.

• Unlimited Tab Pages: We can add an unlimited amount of tab pages to your advert for an extra fee.

• Quick Browse Photo: Not a tiny thing - the photo is a big 175 by 175 pixels.

• Large Main Photo: This is the main photo on your advert. We give you a very large 350 x 350 pixels image which will showcase your services for holiday properties in great detail. A picture tells a thousand words. Because of its unusually big size, we recommend that you create a collage of six images (175 x 116 pixels) for this photo giving an overview of your services.

• Unlimited Extra Photographs*: Extra photographs are placed on a tab page. We do this because it allows your webpage to load up faster on the guest’s computer.

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): We spend almost all of our revenue on SEO development which is the art of getting your cottage listed in the top results on search engines such as Yahoo and Google. The more visitors – the more orders!

• Traffic statistics: Our backend system is very intelligent and monitors all visitors to our site. We are more than happy to share this information with you. We believe that it is essential for improving of our ranking in search engines and one of the secrets to our success.

• Email this to a friend: This fantastic little feature allows our visitors to simply type in an email address on your advert, click send and it is emailed to whoever they want.

• Live chat line support: You might have noticed the Live Chat button on every page. This allows visitors who need help while browsing our website. All they have to do is type their question in a box and they will immediately be connected to an operator at our offices who will type the answer live onscreen.

• Guide Price: Every service has a price and you may wish to list a price.

• Guide Price in Euros: This is to attract the new wave European groups seeking properties. Our website automatically converts this guide price to Euros and displays the price in both currencies to attract visitors from abroad like France, Germany and Spain.

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